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The Future of Pricing: Let our AI guide you! No more guessing games. Get the best price and rent estimates with the power of advanced technology. Simple, clear, and smart!

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Say goodbye to endless internet searches. We bring every detail you need, from city growth to crime rates, into one easy platform. No more chasing info – it's all here!

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Forget Excel and old papers. Our system does all the math for you, instantly. Find out Net Cap Rate, COC, and more without lifting a finger!

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Chrome’s New Best Friend: Love using Zillow or Realtor? With our Chrome extension, you can enjoy these sites even more! Analyze properties right where you are – no switching needed.

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Trustworthy Data: Don't rely on random talks from local agents. We give you real, evidence-based data. With Better Deal, you always get the true story

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We help you see costs before they come. Know what you'll spend and earn before you invest. Safe and smart.


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A Solid Investment with BetterDeal

As a new investor, I was hesitant to jump into the real estate market. But Better Deal gave me the confidence I needed to get started. Their analysis helped me identify a great property with high rental potential, and the ongoing expense predictions have been spot-on. I'm now on my way to building a successful real estate portfolio, and I couldn't have done it without Better Deal.

Ben T.

First-Time Investor

Great BetterDeal

Before Better Deal, I felt overwhelmed by the process of analyzing investment properties. Now, it's a breeze! The AI-powered analysis is incredibly accurate and insightful, and the platform is so easy to use. I've already discovered several hidden gems that I would have missed otherwise. Thanks, Better Deal, for making investing so much easier and more profitable!

Aharon L.

Real Estate Investor

A Solid Investment with BetterDeal

Better Deal is a game-changer for small investors! I'm a busy professional with limited time, and Better Deal makes it easy for me to analyze potential investments on the go. The Chrome extension is a lifesaver, allowing me to get quick insights while browsing listings on Zillow. I highly recommend Better Deal to anyone who wants to invest in real estate but doesn't have the time or expertise to do it alone.

Maria S.

Real Estate Investor

A Solid Investment with BetterDeal

I've been investing in real estate for years, but Better Deal has still managed to impress me. Their AI-powered analysis is more sophisticated and accurate than anything I've seen before. The data they provide, including crime rates and city demographics, has helped me avoid several risky investments. Better Deal is an invaluable tool for any serious investor.

John D.

Experienced Real Estate Investor

Frequently asked questions

All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we

Our system uniquely integrates a user-friendly website with a Chrome extension, allowing for both deep, comprehensive property analyses and quick, on-the-go evaluations. The ability to customize data and instantly see the impact on investment returns sets our tool apart

The system pulls data from various up-to-date sources, including real estate listings, tax records, and comparative market analyses, to provide as accurate estimates as possible. However, actual prices can vary due to market conditions and property specifics not fully captured by data sources.

Yes, you can manually adjust expenses such as HOA fees, taxes, and insurance. Changes to these inputs will automatically recalculate the investment cap rates (gross cap rate, net cap rate, and COC) to reflect the impact of these adjustments on your potential investment return.

Currently, the system's extension is designed specifically for Chrome. However, we're exploring the development of versions compatible with other major browsers. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Flood zone data is sourced from government and environmental agencies that provide up-to-date risk assessments based on topography, historical flood data, and climate models. This information is integrated into our system to give users a comprehensive view of potential flood risks.

The system includes a summary of HOA restrictions based on the provided property describtion. For complex questions or further clarification, we recommend contacting the HOA directly or consulting with a real estate attorney.

Yes, users can create an account to save and manage their property dashboards. This allows for easy access to previous analyses and comparisons between different properties over time.

Cap rates and COC are calculated using standard real estate investment formulas. Gross cap rate is calculated by dividing the annual rental income by the property price. Net cap rate takes into account operating expenses. COC return measures the yearly return on the cash invested, considering cash flow and mortgage payments.

The basic version of our system is available for free, which includes access to property dashboards, area data, and the Chrome extension. We also offer a premium subscription with advanced features, such as detailed comparative market analysis and a more in-depth financial metrics.

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